Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Galaxy S3

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Sensory Input

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung sails beyond the GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light and other sensors now standard in most smartphones and journeys deep into the uncharted space of meteorological probes. Developers will now have access to temperature, humidity and barometric pressure data. A health app is included, but we can't wait to see the types of apps developers will dream up, perhaps measuring perspiration levels to determine whether you've exercised enough or combining atmospheric data to warn if it's time to leave the golf course.

Galaxy S4 also includes an infrared emitter, which turns the device into a remote control for TVs, media players and other electronic components. It's also the basis for Air Gestures, which permits control of some apps while hovering or using hand gestures a distance from the device. Air Gestures will allow swiping pages, selecting objects and other controls to be performed without touching the screen. There's also a hover mode that can, for example, preview email without opening it.

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