Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Galaxy S3

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With Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, Galaxy S4 now includes Swiftkey 4, which (finally) replaces the subpar Android keyboard and delivers Flow, a control for swiping out words instead of discretely typing each letter. It can also toggle a seemingly unlimited number of device controls -- a huge convenience for the perpetually power-conscious. On that subject, Galaxy S4's battery has been beefed up from 2100 mAh to 2600 mAh, an increase of nearly 25 percent in electron storage from Galaxy S3.

The company includes its excellent TouchWiz overlay for Android, which simplifies navigation and adds lots of great functionality. Among the recent innovations are Smart Pause and Smart Scroll, which let certain apps work with the camera to track eye movement to automatically scroll text when appropriate or pause media playback when the eyes are focused elsewhere. The Galaxy S4 also includes KNOX, a kernel-level BYOD solution with boot protection that works alone or with a company's existing MDM solution to secure corporate data and keep it separate from the personal side.

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