Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Galaxy S3

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The Galaxy Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hits the streets on Wednesday, and in the U.S. it will be offered by AT&T, Sprint and U.S. Cellular for shipments later this month. Versions from T-Mobile and Verizon are "coming soon," according to Samsung's Galaxy S4 product page.

The company's marketing department waxes esoteric about how the device "improves life" and "strengthens interpersonal bonds," but here in the CRN Test Center, we prefer to deliver hard (and accurate) facts about how many cores the Galaxy S4 will have in the U.S. (it's four, not eight), improvements to its display resolution and how the new camera watches you. Here's a complete breakdown of Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3, the model that was already quite the iPhone killer.

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