10 Best Features Of Samsung's Galaxy S4

Play And Display

For media playback, Galaxy S4's full 1,920-x-1,080 HD resolution is truly a thing of beauty; its bright, crisp colors seem to fly off the screen. For Web content, text is so sharp it almost reads itself. Browsing, swiping, general navigation -- everything works faster on G4 than on prior models, of course, thanks to faster processors for apps and graphics. Samsung also brings the pop-up video window to Galaxy S4; it was introduced with Galaxy Note. Pinch-to-zoom is still there of course, but it's supplemented for browser pages by Air View's magnify feature, which uses S4's sensors to monitor finger location and magnify the area immediately beneath it. We applaud Samsung for innovation, but like other Air View features, this one needs fine-tuning. The magnify window is slow to pop up and quick to disappear; it's tricky to hover a finger at just the right altitude to keep it enabled.

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