10 Best Features Of Samsung's Galaxy S4

The Camera Eyes

Galaxy S4's cameras and software are vastly improved. The 13MP rear camera has a 4X digital zoom and takes beautifully detailed photos. A 2.1MP is moderately better than S3's 1.9MP sensor, and both S4 cameras capture 1080p video at 30 frames-per-second. What's more, S4 can also record video (or take pictures) on both cameras at the same time to capture the photographer's face as they record what they're seeing in a picture-in-picture mode (shown) or to include two people in a videoconference. A new set of camera modes includes face, sport, panorama, drama and animated. There's also the ability to erase moving objects from a scene, and a new Best Face feature automatically shoots five photos and merges the best faces into one photo. Sound and Shot records a still photo along with some audio from the scene. The auto-focus and color-balance features worked well in our tests. A new face lock feature works with the camera and a PIN to reinforce device security.

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