Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs. Apple iPad Mini

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Physical Interfaces

Galaxy Note 8 eschews Samsung's proprietary 30-pin connector of its other tablets for the now-more-commonplace USB Micro-B plug. While this does add versatility over a Samsung-only connector, we're not convinced that the Micro-B connector is sturdy enough for a device of this size. Apple's all-digital Lightning port is far more durable and is also reversible, further helping to reduce damage from cable orientation mistakes. The Micro-B won't plug in backwards, but it can be damaged if forced and is easily bent.

Physical interfaces common to both devices are a headphone jack, edge-mounted power and volume buttons and a single home key. What's also nice about the Galaxy Note 8 is that the stylus (covered next) also can be used to press the device's off-screen buttons. This is a new and extremely welcome feature enhancement to stylus use that you just won't appreciate until you've used one.

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