Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs. Apple iPad Mini

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Ins And Outs

It's hard to overstate the convenience of a stylus. Once the central control point for some of the world's most popular PDAs, the stylus had all but been erased until Samsung resurrected it for the Galaxy Note 10.1. The pen is far mightier than the finger for note taking, graphical content creation with high precision, and efficient navigation. When sliding the stylus from its flush mount, the Galaxy Note 8 senses its movement and presents a palette of pen-optimized content creation apps with handwriting recognition and palm rejection technologies. Sheathing the pen restores the home screen. Nice touches.

Adding exponentially to the versatility of Galaxy Note 8 is the infrared emitter, which turns the device into a remote control for televisions, cable set-top boxes, audio/video and other electronic components. Companion software works with cable and satellite systems to tailor content selections and supplement the television viewing experience.


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