Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs. Apple iPad Mini


Samsung's display is a little larger and more pixel-dense than Apple's, but probably not enough to make a difference to most eyes. As the name suggests, the Galaxy Note 8 is built around an 8-inch LED with a maximum resolution of 1,280 x 800. For Retinologists, that's a density of 189 pixels-per-inch. The iPad mini's 7.9-inch LED maxes out at 1,024 x 768, which calculates to 163ppi. Apple's display employs IPS technology, which is known for its enormous range of colors and super-wide viewing angle. Samsung's panel uses the company's PLS technology, which Samsung claims can display 100 percent of colors in the sRGB color-space specification and offer viewing angles on par with IPS. It's also about 10 percent brighter than comparable panels, offers better image quality and costs less to manufacture than IPS, according to Samsung.

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