Head-To-Head: Google Nexus 4 Vs. Apple iPhone 5

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Comms And Such

Most notable about Nexus 4's communications capabilities compared with iPhone's is that it arrives unlocked. Just slide a GSM-compatible SIM card into the side-loading slot and you're up and running. Also unlike iPhone, Nexus 4 includes NFC and supports the Android Beam feature of Jelly Bean. Nexus 4 also runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean delivers tons of features VARs will want to know about, including multiple user support, lock-screen widgets and a new keyboard with gesture input. Nexus 4 also becomes one of a small handful of devices without vendor-specific interface overlays, which makes it a good platform for app development.

Both devices include the usual complement of radios, including dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4. Nexus 4 also supports wireless charging and SlimPort, which passes display signals through its microUSB connector for display on an external monitor. Released in 2012, SlimPort is also known as Mobility DisplayPort, or MyDP. Apple supports wired and wireless proprietary methods of displaying iPhone contents on external displays.

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