Extreme Tech: 10 Hot Rugged Tech Devices To Go Off The Grid

GammaTech's U12Ci Durabook

U12Ci, GammaTech’s new semi-rugged Durabook, is not only spillproof, with a waterproof keyboard and touchpad able to withstand almost 3.5 ounces of liquid, but also cold and heat resistant, able to operate in temperatures from minus 4 to about 122 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as shockproof, able to endure a 4-foot drop. The 12.1-inch resistive touch LCD display features Intel HD graphics and a convertible swivel screen that allows for notebook and tablet functioning, while the integrated handle makes it easy to take on the go. This laptop is ready to report for heavy-duty demands and starts at less than $1,000, according to Rugged PC Review.

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