Extreme Tech: 10 Hot Rugged Tech Devices To Go Off The Grid

Casio's G-Shock Smart Watch

The G-Shock GB6900, Casio's latest additions to its sturdy-watch line, finally came to America in December and was the first of its rugged watches to also feature Bluetooth connectivity. Like all of G-Shock's watches, the GB6900 is shockproof and water resistant up to more than 650 feet and designed to absorb the wear-and-tear of an active life. It features an LED backlight, multiple daily alarms with a vibration function and a battery life of up to two years. Taking a major tech-leap forward, this watch has the ability to link with the iPhone 4S and 5, in conjunction with Casio's G-SHOCK+ application, to receive incoming mail, text and call alerts as well as calendar notifications, time synchronization, and find a missing phone. Priced around $180, according to Engadget, this watch is the epitome of durable tech.

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