10 Cutting-Edge Mobile Devices Breaking New Ground

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Kobo Aura HD

Sure, just about any tablet these days can double as an e-reader, but Kobo's April announcement of the new Kobo Aura HD e-reader showed the company's confidence in the value of a black-and-white device geared toward book lovers. A high-resolution Electronic Ink display uses a technology to focus light away from the eyes and onto the electronic page, a 1-GHz processor supposedly runs 20 percent faster than a Nook or Kindle, and you can leave the charger at home because the battery is said to last one month. The device comes with 4 GB of storage, enough for 3,000 e-books, but offers 32 GB of expandable memory. Holding onto the "old" reading pastime, Kobo clearly believes it can still come up with something new.

List Price: $169.99


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