10 Cutting-Edge Mobile Devices Breaking New Ground

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HTC's latest phone, the HTC One, was released earlier this year loaded with hallmarks to make it stand out. For starters, the clear, loud sound projected from the dual front-facing speakers has been a highlight in almost every review. Marked for having a durable feel and sleek design, HTC did not just rely on hardware to set this one apart. Replacing the Android home screen with a customizable "Blinkfeed" provides a constant stream of social media and news feeds that relay in realtime what is of interest to the user. HTC also introduced the "Zoe" feature, which records 3 seconds of video for every picture taken. Zoe also can stream the videos together, creating somewhat of a highlight reel of any event you might be capturing. Reviews are mixed on Zoe, but it's definitely something we've never seen before.

List Price: $649.99, without contract


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