Another Kind Of Hybrid: Eight Top-Notch Phablets

Two For The Price Of One

Shrinking tablet meets swelling smartphone, behold, the "Phablet." Some complain the size of phablets (5-inch displays or larger) make them awkward for single-handed use. Others have found it extremely convenient to consolidate and use one, solitary device as both a phone and tablet. Though a few early versions of the phablet struggled to find success, like the Dell Streak in 2011, Samsung has proven with its release of the Galaxy Note that there is high demand for the product, selling over 10 million devices in a matter of a few months. Capitalizing on phablet popularity, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 2 and has experienced similar success. They have been called a niche and a fad, but for now, they are selling. Many vendors are producing the cross-breed and rumors are swirling about more vendors getting into the phablet game. Following are eight of the hottest phablets that are already making waves on the mobile scene.

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