Head-To-Head: Samsung ATIV Book 9 Vs. Apple MacBook Air

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Samsung vs. Apple

With all the Ultrabooks around these days, reporting that a vendor's new laptop is thin, light and responsive is like saying it's backlit, has a trackpad and offers great battery life. Since Intel's Ultrabook spec was modeled after Apple's MacBook Air, it seems only fitting to compare any Ultrabook devices that come along with actual products from Apple.

One of the latest Ultrabooks to arrive at the CRN Test Center is the Samsung ATIV Book 9, one of a series of new ultraportables. We compare Samsung's new line with Apple's latest MacBook Air series, which launched June 10. It bears mention that Apple, always on the cutting edge, built its new line using a chip that was unveiled only a week earlier--Intel's 4th generation Haswell chip, its most advanced and power-efficient processor to date.

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