8 Takeaways From The Bleak Q2 PC Shipment Numbers

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HP Eats Humble Pie

Back in 2006, HP grabbed the top worldwide PC maker title from a then-struggling Dell and held onto it until Wednesday. At the time, Dell was the No. 1 PC maker for three years in a row, but it began to struggle and soon felt the effects of weak U.S. sales, was dogged by a federal investigation into its finances, and was reeling from a recall of 4.1 million Sony batteries from its laptops. Meanwhile, HP had just brought on CEO Mark Hurd, replacing Carly Fiorina. Under Hurd, HP was able to boost its laptop sales, giving it an edge over Dell, according to IDC sales numbers. For the next seven years, no company could unseat the mighty HP when it came to worldwide PC sales, according to IDC tracking numbers.

On Wednesday that all changed. HP ate a big slice of humble pie, releasing the statement: "We don't like being number two and we don't plan to stay there. We have a multi OS, multi architecture and multi form factor computing strategy that we believe will delight customers and rebuild share. We're also focused on building a profitable business that's smart about its future."


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