8 Takeaways From The Bleak Q2 PC Shipment Numbers

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Not A Shocker

It's no shocker the PC market is struggling. Both research firms IDC and Gartner independently confirmed what most already suspected. On Wednesday they both released numbers that show a downturn in PC units shipped in the last three months, for the second quarter of 2013. IDC reported a worldwide downturn of 11.4 percent of PC units shipped compared to the same time last year. Gartner reported a 10.9 percent drop.

Another not-a-shocker data point to anyone paying attention to the PC space is both research firms blame the popularity of inexpensive tablets as deferring the purchase of new PCs. But, here's a closer look at Wednesday's PC numbers, exploring who some of the winners and losers were and whether it's fair to blame things such as Windows 8 (as many do) for a slumping PC market.

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