5 Things We Know About Apple's 'Budget iPhone'

Price And Release

Apple likes to release new products during the September back-to-school season and well in time for Christmas. And it's safe to bet that two other products -- iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 -- will be unveiled at that time. Most rumors have the Budget iPhone coming out at the same time, while others push it off to 2014. Our release estimate for the low-cost iPhone is the fall, and is based on what's likely to be inside. It stands to reason that altering an existing design would cost less than building an all-new one. And size similarities between iPhone 5 (pictured) and iPhone Light suggest that the budget iPhone is an altered version of the iPhone 5, possibly with fewer sensors, radios and/or processor cores and GHz. That all indicates a potential release date that's earlier than 2014. With the way Apple has been hemorrhaging smartphone market share, we'd say Cupertino has ample reason to rush.

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