The 10 Coolest Apps Of 2013 (So Far)


Created by information technology and services company IFTTT, the eponymous IFTTT iOS app creates a connection between Internet services and devices that are used, including Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Etsy, Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo and more. IFTTT works by creating a "recipe," or task, to fulfill "If This Then That," for which the acronym stands. The "this" part of the recipe is also known as the "trigger" and the action is the "that" part. An example of a task is having any new photos taken on Instagram, for instance, automatically uploaded to Dropbox. By creating a combination of triggers and actions from active channels, it becomes a personalized recipe. Currently there are 67 channels to choose from, including Evernote, LinkedIn and Dropbox. The customizable IFTTT app is free.

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