The 10 Coolest Apps Of 2013 (So Far)


Money can easily slip through the fingers. To help manage personal finances, there's Spendee. Created by app developer Cleevio , this iOS app will analyze income and expenses and give advice on how to spend and handle money. By simply typing in the numbers, Spendee provides infographics that show where the user's financial data stands. Adding a transaction records it as an expense (or income) that can be categorized. There are nine categories to choose from, including food and drink, shopping, or family and personal. The aesthetically pleasing infographic breaks up into percentages how much is being spent for each category. Users also can see what day of the week they spent the most money. An overview shows the number of transactions, along with added income, on a graphic chart. Pictures of bills or personal notes also can be taken and added to the app for storage. Spendee forces one to spend wisely.

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