The 10 Coolest Laptops Of 2013 (So Far)

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Haswell Ends Swell

Intel continues to drive the mobile computing agenda. For the laptop market last year, the tech on everyone's lips was Ultrabook. This year's buzzword is Haswell, Intel's power-efficient new processor that's proving to be transformational.

Being the techies that we are, Test Center editors are often asked for guidance by people about to buy a computer. And our advice has always been to buy a computer with the most powerful processor you can afford; it's the only part that can't be expanded. But, Haswell changes things a bit. Now we'd say that if long battery life is important, look for a laptop with Haswell. They're just that good. However, last year's processors are far from obsolete. In fact, without factoring in graphics performance, Haswell's computing performance is only slightly better than Intel's 3rd-gen Core processors. But, Haswell is new, and it isn't in many laptops just yet. So the 10 Coolest Laptops of 2013 (So Far) will include some Haswell-based units and some laptops built with older chips. But, we promise they're all very cool.

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