Head-To-Head: Google Nexus 7 Vs. Apple iPad Mini

Construction, Dimensions

Apple's aluminum unibody construction idea gives iPad Mini a solid, sturdy feel and simplifies servicing. Nexus 7's (pictured) case is plastic, but according to reports, it feels quite solid compared with last year's model and other inexpensive tablets. Putting them side by side, one might describe Google's as long and thin, while Apple's is short and fat. In reality, the two are almost precisely the same length: 7.9 inches. The iPad Mini is 5.3 inches wide against Nexus 7's 4.5 inches. Apple has Google on device thickness. The iPad Mini opens the micrometer to 0.28 inches, whereas Nexus 7 stretches to 0.34 inches. Due mainly to its larger glass panel, Apple's device weighs 0.68 pounds compared with Google's 0.64 pounds.

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