Mobility Revolution: 10 New Mobile Devices That Push The Envelope

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Though the new Google Android phone does little to push the envelope from an outer-shell perspective, its rich, new features make it fit for this list. The always-on microphone listening for the command, "OK, Google Now" has been met with some skepticism. How trusted can a device be if it is always listening in on its user's conversations? The feature is able to make phone calls, send text messages, get directions, answer questions, set alarms and launch apps all through voice command. Amped-up security features prevent other voices from being able to activate the device. The "assist" feature reads text messages out loud when the device's accelerometer detects the user is driving. Most reviews say the ideas for "OK, Google Now" and the "assist feature" are different, but don't always respond fluidly.

Price: $200 with plan


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