Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Vs. Apple iPad Mini

Construction, Dimensions

The Galaxy Tab 3's hard plastic shell is surrounded by a metallic band. It's just as comfortable to hold as any small tablet, and we're not offended by polycarbonates. Apple's aluminum unibody gives iPad mini a solid, sturdy feel and simplifies servicing. Side by side, Apple's device appears wide and squat while Samsung's looks tall and slender. In essence, the two are fairly close in size. Apple's iPad mini measures 7.9 inches long, a half-inch longer than the 7.4-inch length of the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3. Almost an inch narrower than Apple's, Samsung's measures 4.4 inches wide to Apple's 5.3 inches. But Apple's design mastery really shines in device thickness. The iPad mini measures an amazing 0.28 inches compared to Samsung's 0.39 inches. That tenth of an inch somehow makes the iPad mini seem lighter, even though both devices weigh just shy of 11 ounces.

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