Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Vs. Apple iPad Mini

Cameras And Sound

While Samsung's camera software is still top-notch, the company surprised us with the relatively meager visual sensors it built into the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. The front cameras in the Samsung and Apple devices are about the same. Samsung's face camera is a fixed-focus 1.3MP job (1,280 x 960), compared with Apple's 1.2MP unit. For rear-shutter snaps, Samsung provides just a 3MP (2,048-x-1,536) fixed-focus shooter versus Apple's 5MP camera with 2.4f aperture and five-element autofocus lens. Also unfortunate, the Galaxy Tab 3 can operate only one camera at a time. Since testing the excellent Galaxy S4, we're disappointed by any Android device that can't take pictures using both cameras at once for picture-in-picture effects. Apple's rear camera can capture 1,080p video with image stabilization and backside illumination. Its front camera captures 720p video. For video, Samsung's rear camera is capped at 720p and its front camera offers a single resolution of 640 x 480. Apple offers geotagging for photos and videos, Samsung only for photos. Both tablets include two speakers and decent stereo sound.

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