Head To Head: iOS 7 vs. iOS 6

'Cartoony' Icons

The first remarks from most people we've spoken with about iOS 7 have to do with the "cartoony" look of its icons. Apple has simplified the icon graphics in iOS 7 (at near left) and removed their reflectivity. This leaves them with a markedly 2-D appearance. A good example is the shiny purple iTunes icon in iOS 6 (at far left), which looks like it's made of curved glass. In fact, the entire iOS 7 interface has been flattened, simplified and made more plain (see the next slide). The change probably deserves at least partial credit for iOS 7's much snappier performance. Apps launch and run faster and crash less often (or not at all) and everything in iOS 7 just feels more solid and stable, according to user reports we've received. On the 64-bit iPhone 5S, iOS 7 and its native apps are all running in 64-bit mode, which Apple says delivers a 2X improvement over the iPhone 5 and a 40X improvement compared with the original iPhone.

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