Head To Head: iOS 7 vs. iOS 6

Control Center

Apple has finally added a way to access often-used functions without diving into the Home Screen's icon pool and fishing around for the Preferences panel. Swiping up from the bottom in iOS 7 now invokes the Control Center, a translucent panel with buttons for toggling Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Locking. There's also a slider for screen brightness, a media player with AirPlay and AirDrop buttons (for iPhone/iPod Touch 5 or later and iPad 4 or later) and four fixed-function buttons for flashlight, calendar, calculator and camera. Since this is all brand new to iOS 7, there's nothing to compare with iOS 6. Incidentally, Android has offered such functionality from the start, and Android developers have steadily improved it in each subsequent revision. But Apple differentiates its Control Center with the ability to be disabled from the lock screen, from within apps or both (in which case it's only accessible from the Home Screen).

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