Head To Head: iOS 7 vs. iOS 6

More App Control

Continuing to follow Android's lead, Apple has improved the ability in iOS 7 to page through running apps. Double-pressing the home button now invokes a scrollable carousel of all running apps that can be brought into focus with a tap or killed by swiping up. Apps are represented not as simple icons (as in prior iOS versions) or as static app screens (as in Android), but as a combination of the two. These semi-living screens show real data and allow peeks into other running apps without actually switching into them. Pressing the Home button again (once) returns focus from whence it came. The new Safari also is vastly improved. It now employs a revolving card-like interface for scrolling through open browser pages or tabs with no more eight-card limit. And a single text bar accepts URLs or searches (a la Chrome).

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