Review: Lenovo Helix Ultrabook Convertible

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Look And Feel

First, let's get physical. Helix is covered head to toe, inside and out, by a rubberized coating that's cool to the touch and gives it a grippy quality regardless of where it's gripped. As for dimensions, Helix as a tablet measures 11.7 inches long by 7.3 inches wide by 0.5 inches thick. Against Surface Pro 2 and its 10.6-inch display, Helix is about an inch longer and a half-inch wider, but it's 0.03 of an inch thinner. The Helix tablet weighs 1.8 pounds compared with Surface's 2 pounds. As a clamshell, Helix puts on 2 pounds (to 3.8 lbs. total) and its thickness expands to 0.8 inches. Length and width remain the same.

ThinkPad logos adorn the Helix on the wrist rest and back side of the tablet. Each dots the ThinkPad's "i" with a red LED, the outer of which indicates power-on, sleep state and battery status. When in laptop mode, the display's tilt angle is limited to about 100 degrees, presumably to prevent a topple off the lap. A panel covering the keyboard hinge pops off and on easily rather than breaking.

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