Head-to-Head: iPad Mini With Retina Vs. Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

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War In The Air

Apple's news this week of the iPad Air grabbed most of the headlines. And its 64-bit processor, MIMO Wi-Fi and expanded LTE coverage in a smaller, thinner and lighter frame are technical marvels to be sure. But more impressive and impactful to us is the new iPad mini, which mirrors the feature set of iPad Air -- including its pixel count -- but puts them under a 7.9-inch pane of glass. One impact iPad mini will undoubtedly have will be on sales of Amazon's latest pixel panel, the Kindle Fire HDX. While few tablets in this class come close to the HDX's impressive specs, the mighty mini comes mighty close, and Apple's power to persuade purchases by now seems legendary. So here's a head-to-head of the latest small tablets from these two big companies: Amazon's (8.9-inch) Kindle Fire HDX and Apple's iPad mini.


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