10 iOS 7 Apps For Enterprise To Optimize Productivity

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Last week, enterprise file-sharing platform developer Egnyte released a new application for enterprise that addresses security in BYOD environments. Egnyte's new iOS app allows end users to access all data types, including data stored in the cloud as well as on-premise data IT departments allows employees to view from a mobile device. Previously, Egnyte labeled data types red, yellow or green from a security standpoint and then allowed access to those data types from mobile devices accordingly. Though the color-coding still exists, none have to be restricted on the mobile device level. Sensitive data behind the firewall remains encrypted on mobile devices, and IT retains the ability to remotely wipe any data accessed within the application. Tim Burke, president and CEO of technology management company Quest, said his company recommends the Egnyte mobile app to customers because Egnyte "thinks" on an enterprise level. "Egnyte allows customers to have files behind firewall and in the cloud but in a controlled environment," Burke said.

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