10 iOS 7 Apps For Enterprise To Optimize Productivity

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Kashoo Accounting

Kashoo provides a streamlined system for tracking and recording business expenses. Users can snap a picture of a receipt and instantly attach it to an expense report, create invoices to send to clients, and track all business accounts from an iPhone or iPad. The application is easily integrated with QuickBooks and will update in real time when connected online. If users happen to be trapped in an airport without Wi-Fi availability, for example, they can still enter data offline, and the application will sync as soon as the device re-connects. For businesses with fewer than 20 transactions per month, Kashoo offers a free version of the application. Larger enterprises needing to access its books more frequently will pay an annual fee. Both versions come with free support from Kashoo.

Price: Free for up to 20 transactions or $49.99 annually


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