10 iOS 7 Apps For Enterprise To Optimize Productivity

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Roambi Analytics

Roambi analytics takes complex files or data spreadsheets and organizes it into clear, charts and graphs. Users select one of 10 chart or graph templates to view data, and Roambi imports files directly into that template. The finished product is an easy to read and understand visual. Graphs and charts can be published for other users on the Roambi account to view immediately. With big data becoming a big point of reference for many enterprises, Roambi is a way for colleagues to wrap their collective brains around the trends affecting their business. All data is stored locally on the user's personal iOS device so information is available even when the device is not connected online. Roambi Analytics can be paired with Roambi Flow for further interpreting and publishing big data analytics.

Price: Free for Roambi Business or Roambi Enterprise Server customers


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