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Health-Care Mobile Market

At a recent Microsoft mobility event, Gareth Hall, industry solution manager at Microsoft, told CRN that there are 50 million worldwide health-care workers without a workplace-ready mobile device, a booming market for partners to swoop in and take advantage of. From smartphones to tablets to convertibles, solution providers are creating ways for doctors and nurses to quickly get a patient's vitals in a spreadsheet, access medical history and even allow the patients to connect with loved ones far away through video chat applications. According to Simon Watson, director of OEM and global alliances at enterprise mobile communications company Spectralink, a mid-sized hospital frequently pulls in 500-700 mobile devices. "It's almost like a Trojan horse. Hiding behind these devices that deliver all kinds of ROI to the business markets, there is a huge pull-through to business services," Watson told CRN.


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