The 10 Coolest Smartphones Of 2013, Plus A Bonus

Samsung Galaxy Gear

One of the most anticipated technologies of the last century (after the flying car) has been the picturephone, or more precisely, the wrist-worn two-way picturephone immortalized by the Dick Tracy cartoon character. Samsung makes it a reality with Galaxy Gear, a technology that's best described as an extra monitor, webcam and speakerphone that connects via Bluetooth with an existing Samsung smartphone. From its 1.6-inch (320-x-320 resolution, 277 ppi) color touch screen, Gear can answer calls, access email, text messages, tell time and weather, and record voice memos. If a trip to the phone is in order, whatever is displayed on the wrist is relayed to the phone. Gear also can activate sounds and/or vibration to locate its misplaced counterpart, and vice versa. If the two get separated by more than a few feet, an automatic lock engages and disengages when the two are again in proximity. Inside, Gear sports an 800MHz processor, 512-MB RAM, 4 GB of storage and Bluetooth 4.0, plus accelerometer and gyro. Galaxy Gear works with the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini. It lists for $299.

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