10 Cool Accessories For That New Mobile Device


Whether you're a survivalist type, live in an area prone to power outages or simply enjoy camping, the PowerPot can keep the lights on and the communications flowing. Hidden inside an aluminum camping cookpot is a thermoelectric generator that, when heated, produces 5 watts of 5-volt DC power for charging cell phones, tablets and just about any other device that stores electrons. PowerPot creates energy from any heat source, delivers it through a standard USB port without any AC power or solar panels, and can charge a cell phone in as little as an hour. The $149 kit includes one 6-cup PowerPot, a lid with handle that doubles as a frypan or serving bowl, a power regulator, a flame-resistant power cord and a carry pouch. It's covered by a lifetime warranty. The young company is currently at work on the 10W PowerPot X (shown), raising funds through a Kickstarter project.

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