10 Cool Accessories For That New Mobile Device


When a company calls its product Uber-anything, it had better have something pretty special. And MuseMini's UberBuds are, in fact, pretty awesome. First, the earbuds deliver full, rich sound over Bluetooth 4.0 with their 6mm drivers over a range of about 30 feet. They're rated at eight hours of play or talk time. The earbuds work as a full-duplex headset, complete with echo cancellation. And while proprietary connectors aren't normally favored, this one might be worthy of exception. Rather than a small cannon plug or microUSB, MuseMini employs a unique power connector that attaches using a spring-loaded clip that hugs the cable and keeps the power leads in place without a magnet. Also included with UberBuds is a rigid, circular zipper case with a separate mesh compartment for the power cord. UberBuds' earbuds are connected to one another by a 22-inch tangle-free cord with power and playback controls. UberBuds are available in black or yellow and come with three different sizes of soft-rubber, stay-put tips: small, medium and large. UberBuds have a list price of $129 and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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