Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 vs. Apple iPad Air

Cams And Comms

Samsung has a slight edge with its choice of cameras, and widens the gap when factoring in its communications. The Galaxy Note PRO includes an 8MP main camera with LED flash plus a 2MP face camera. Galaxy Note PRO supports 1,080p HD recording and playback at full frame rates. Apple puts a 5MP main camera with 2.4f aperture and five-element autofocus lens in the rear that also can capture 1,080p video. iPad Air's face camera is a fixed-focus 1.2MP unit with 720p video-capture capability. Both of Apple's cameras provide face detection, plus geotagging for photos and videos. Samsung and Apple devices offer dual-band, dual-antenna MIMO Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. In addition to the 802.11 a/b/g/n specs supported by both, Samsung also supports the three-stream 802.11 ac spec, which, in theory, can achieve up to 1.3-Gbps transfer speeds or 433 Mbps from a single stream. Neither device offers NFC.

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