5 Ways The BlackBerry Z30 Is Not The Samsung Galaxy S4


The Z30 is a tiny bit longer (5.53 inches) and wider (2.83 inches) than the S4 (5.38 x 2.75); but, ultimately, the differences are negligible with these biggish devices. They're also about the same thickness, with Samsung edging out BlackBerry 0.31 to 0.37. The real difference is the weight. At 4.59 oz., Samsung beats BlackBerry's 6 oz. by almost an ounce and a half. Both devices come with mostly plastic cases, but BlackBerry's is slightly textured and feels grippier than Samsung's. The Z30 is a great looking device, with its edge-to-edge glass and mostly black face. But we've grown accustomed to Galaxy's home key and buttons for navigation and menus. Their absence on the BlackBerry was a nuisance.

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