5 Ways The BlackBerry Z30 Is Not The Samsung Galaxy S4

The Bottom Line

For organizations that absolutely, positively must deploy back-end messaging within their own walls, BlackBerry is really the only choice. But BlackBerry devices offer a comparatively small number of apps and just a single choice of carriers: Verizon. Those are serious downsides when put next to the hundreds of thousands of apps for Android and the availability of the S4 from all major carriers. Samsung, meanwhile, has put a huge emphasis on fortifying device security for the enterprise and bundles its Knox kernel-level security solution and boot protection with voice and facial recognition added to its numerical code and pattern-trace device locking systems. Both BlackBerry and Samsung include with their phones a locator app that can remotely lock a device and wipe all data. But with the shaky ground that BlackBerry's on, some companies will not struggle with the decision to choose Samsung mobile devices instead.


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