BlackBerry On The Rebound? 10 Hopeful Signs

3. Positive Buzz

There is reality and then there is perception. When it comes to finding success in tech sometimes perception can go a long way towards winning. For years BlackBerry has been beaten down by bad press reporting daily on the company’s fall from grace. But since Chen took the helm in November, both financial analysts and media outlets have softened their critique of BlackBerry. A sampling of headlines this week include "Why BlackBerry Could Get Back On Track Sooner Than You Think" and "Is BlackBerry Poised to Beat Earnings Estimates?." And just this week BlackBerry reported its low-priced Z10 handset sold out in India, prompting headlines such as "BlackBerry Z10 restocked in India after selling out within a week." When was the last time you read a headline that a BlackBerry handset sold out?

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