10 Things IT Will Like About The Samsung Galaxy S5

Expandable, Power-Efficient

Other IT highlights for the GS5 include expansion to 128 GB via SD card and a user-replaceable changeable battery that's about 8 percent larger than its predecessor (2,800 vs. 2,600 mAh). The unit itself comes with either 16 GB or 32 GB of built-in storage and runs apps on 2 GB of low-power DDR3 RAM. And for those one or two clients that always seem to lose or forget their power supply when traveling, Samsung offers a new ultra-power save mode that can stretch 10 percent remaining power to a full day. This mode removes color from the screen, locks the brightness to about half, displays only essential apps (which IT gets to specify), disables Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and stops mobile data transfers whenever the screen is off.

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