10 Things IT Will Like About The Samsung Galaxy S5

Dizzying Display

The GS5 contains the same 1,920-x-1,080 pixel array as the GS4. But since its 5.1-inch display is a tenth of an inch larger, its pixel density shrinks to 432 ppi from the 441 ppi of the GS4. More significant is screen luminance, which jumps from around 300 nits to an eye-popping 450 nits. At this level of brightness, the GS5 is easily visible in any lighting condition from glaring fluorescent to bright sunlight and everything in between. And for sneaking a peek at email in theaters or darkened boardrooms, the GS5's screen can dim to around 2 nits so no one will be the wiser. A one-handed mode shrinks the display by about 25 percent and replicates physical buttons.

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