A Glimpse Of The Future: 12 Mobile Devices From CTIA Wireless Fall 2008

Sprint and Motorola paired up to debut a rugged push-to-talk device using Sprint's Nextel service. The durable clamshell Motorola i576 is certified under military standard MIL-810F4 for ruggedness when it comes to low pressure, dust, shock, vibration, solar radiation and high and low temperatures.

It measures 4.3 inches by 1.8 inches by 1 inch and weighs 4.2 ounces and uses the IDEN 800/900 MHz network for direct connect, interconnect and data. The main display is 128 by 160 and supports 64,000 colors, while the sub display is 128 by 32 with support for 64,000 colors. The i576 features Bluetooth connectivity, a host of multimedia options and GPS navigation.

On the Nextel Direct Connect side, the device offers group connect, talk group, international direct connect, direct talk, Next Mail and a host of other features.

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