A Look At The Avaya Flare Experience

Formerly Mojo

In the weeks leading up to Avaya's announcement, the whispers were that it was set to release a tablet PC. That's more or less what Avaya did, too, with the introduction of the Avaya Desktop Video Device, called "Mojo" in its development phase. The point of the overall announcement isn't the device -- Avaya is trying to keep emphasis on the Flare Experience as an interface and collaboration platform for many different types of devices -- but it's still an Avaya tablet: an 11.6-inch HD touchscreen display complete with an HD 720p camera and built-in dual microphones. It's enabled for SIP, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, and USB connectivity with an optional keyboard or handset. Avaya has said that future versions will support remote access over VPN connections and also 4G network access.

Estimated price is $2,000 per unit, and it'll be available in the fourth quarter.

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