Mucho Mobile: 20 Buzz-Builders At Mobile World Congress

Verizon VoLTE

Mobile World Congress is a mobile service and service provider show at heart, so beyond the galaxy of tablets, smartphones and other gadgets, plenty of its big-ticket attendees are focused on service options and mobile infrastructure, too. Verizon, for example, is all over Mobile World Congress highlighting Voice over LTE (VoLTE), demonstrating IMS-based VoLTE calls during the show. Verizon lays claim to making the world's first VoLTE call over a commercial network earlier this month, and in Barcelona, it's demonstrating with Ericsson LTE and Samsung LTE 4G smartphones.

"We're working hard this year on this technology and expect to have commercial VoLTE services available in 2012," said Tony Melone, Verizon's CTO, in a statement.

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