The 10 Hottest Emerging Opportunities For The Cisco Channel

Small Business

VARs and distributors will finally admit it: Cisco's got real momentum in small business, thanks to a combination of segment-centric products and services, a stronger-than-ever SMB VAR program, and aggressive financing. With the sub-200 space alone representing a global $8 billion addressable market opportunity, according to Cisco's Rick Moran, Cisco is doing everything it can to enable more SMB sales through the channel.

"Going back three years ago, I think there was still a lot of confusion, or fear, about incorporating Cisco into a small business solution," said D&H Distributing co-president Dan Schwab. "People thought that it was too expensive, or that it was overengineered, or they weren't authorized, and a lot of those barriers have been brought down now. It's resonating with the partners."

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