Microsoft's Skype Acquisition: 10 Burning Questions

Was It All Just To Spite Google?

Microsoft and Google: arch-nemeses. Google: said to be interested in acquiring Skype, just like Facebook and at one point, Cisco and others, were said to be. Google: gaining traction, albeit slowly, with Google Voice, its IP communications service and Skype competitor. Skype: major brand name recognition and hugely popular with consumers. Microsoft: badly in need of another consumer foothold, and a communications foothold. Buying Skype: solves both those problems, and puts a Microsoft product on any phone -- Windows, Apple, Android or otherwise -- that uses Skype mobile.

Signed, sealed, delivered as a big fat middle finger to Google? Sure seems like it. "Microsoft would never admit that," said Alan Weinberger, chairman and CEO of The ASCII Group. "But it makes sense."

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