6 Things Every VAR Should Know About The IPv6 Transition

"Without a doubt, it's time for integrators and resellers to be looking at the issue," said Vince Ricco, senior network consultant at IP networking vendor Allied Telesis. "It's a good opportunity to be value-add to customers by looking at a migrational transition and advising on how they need to prepare, making sure they know what's available."

At the very least, say IPv6 experts, solution providers can be in a position of knowledge -- when customers ask "what do I do," they can troubleshoot, offer advice, and craft assessments and professional services that can help customers smooth out their own transition, as well as answer questions about security. It's no delicate undertaking, said Patrick Bedwell, vice president of product marketing for Fortinet. "The question we hear a lot of it: where do I start?" Bedwell said. "What they're reading about is that the address space has now been exhausted. So it's now top-of-mind for a lot of people, and they're slowly realizing that it's not something trivial like uploading a patch onto software."