Intelisys Channel Connect: Carriers And VARs Talk Channel Convergence

A Trusted Advisor

Donna Arsenault, is president and owner of Republic Voice and Data, a Tampa, Fla.-based reseller that provides voice and technology solutions for business customers. She said that customers are thirsty for new solutions and more speed, but they also need an advisor to help them understand the technology and the choices available to them. And by being that trusted advisor to a client – they can apply carrier cost savings in other areas.

“[Clients] don’t even understand how to say cloud computing, never mind what it is. What we’ve found is that there are multiple opportunities to help clients get through that," Arsenault said. "We really need to dig down in order to understand what are your problems and where can we help you. Carrier solutions are ultimately important to us as a recurring revenue stream. It’s gravy, it’s wonderful. It’s also important for sales reps to optimize bills, to look at savings and talk the customers into applying those savings into data or hardware solutions as well.”

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